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Working together is key

Our goal is to help create a less fragmented healthcare system, with less waste, by improving connections between payers, providers and consumers. Our services and solutions offer the insights and tools needed by payers, providers and consumers alike to navigate the healthcare maze with agility and speed using an evidence and data-driven approach. We recognize the complexity of the challenge and have a bias for collaboration and partnerships – we don't think that any single stakeholder can do it alone. We bring together our capabilities and the Global Health Innovation Fund portfolio companies to develop cutting-edge, effective, integrated solutions that help customers reach the final destination – value from the healthcare system.

Areas of focus

We are assembling a suite of services and solutions in areas such as:

  • Care Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Patient Adherence
  • Prevention

We work with our business affiliates to provide engagement, health analytics, and clinical services in these focus areas, and more.

Ultimately, through our business affiliates, HSS is contributing to the delivery of better care – more efficiently and at a lower cost.


Some specific examples of our current work in these focus areas include:

  • Clinical Decision Support - A solution that considers all clinical information available in the hospital IT systems and delivers point of care prompts to clinicians to support management of Infectious Diseases and implementation of comprehensive antimicrobial stewardship.

  • Remote Monitoring – How to achieve hi-touch, low-cost quality care without requiring frequent patient visits to healthcare facilities.

  • Diabetes Prevention – Using existing resources in addition to exclusive technology to deliver a low-cost diabetes prevention tool to patients at home.